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Efficient, Accurate and Low Cost Engineering and Commercial Services

Do you ask yourself:

Is there a way to save or retrofit this piece of equipment? Is there a machine or process that will save time and money? My facility is a mess: how can I fix the problem immediately and plan for the future? I want to build or remodel a facility: where can I find a Project Manager? I see a need for a product where do I go to do the testing and designing?

F. Feyertag & Associates will act as your project engineering team and program manager.

F. Feyertag & Associates, LLC. is a network of top flight engineering professionals and skilled tradesman who are dedicated and efficient problem solvers. This means lowering engineering and labor costs.


Here are some of our services:
 Machine Design
Retrofits and Improvements to Existing Machinery
CAD Services
Auction Services


Full facility surveys and audits
5-10 Year Facility Planning
Industrial and Retail Maintenance
Detailed facility surveys for: correcting problems, moves, expansions, material handling and racks
Building facilities from conception to construction with project management


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